3 million Galaxy Note IIs sold in 37 days


GALAXY Note IISamsung is still outdoing itself in the smartphone sector, creating paths unchartered previously and making it big in a huge way. The Samsung Galaxy Note was one device that was a huge gamble, many OEMs thought it was a bad move, but there was many sales of the first Galaxy Note that other OEMS like Panasonic and LG also deviced to venture in. Samsung had success with that and this led to them getting more innovative and increased the value you get from the Galaxy Note.

Enter the Galaxy Note II and we get more functionality in terms of productivity, you can actually do real work on the device. 37 days since global launch, Samsung has since sold 3 million Galaxy Note IIs, this actually reaffirms the notion that Samsung actually does their research well and sells devices that users actually need, be they in the low end or the high end. Locally, Samsung Electronics East Africa Business Leader, Robert Ngeru says sales in the region have gone up to 20,000 for the Galaxy Note II. The region covers 5 countries being Kenya, DRC, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

In what you would refer to as an emerging market, this is actually a huge scale, seeing that this is a region where low end phones are the the bulk of the phone consumption. Smartphones demand is growing as people get used to depend on smartphones as a very integral item in their lifestyle. The demand for smartphones, Ngeru explained is currently being fuelled by growing mobile data services usage on the local 3G mobile networks. With investments in new generation mobile phone technologies expected to reach the US$ 1.5 billion mark by 2015, Ngeru said that smartphones are outselling personal computers at the ratio of 4:1 in key African markets such as Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.