5 months later, 5 million Samsung Galaxy Note devices sold

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy NoteSamsung Galaxy Note has come a long way, from being a new-in-the-market-lets-wait-and-see to a niche pioneer. Its been 5 months since the release of the 5.3 inch phablet. Samsung just indicated that they have surpassed the 5 million mark for devices shipped, amid mixed reactions in the market and blogosphere. That’s just a month since they announced a shipping of 2 million devices.

This should not be confused with the number of devices in the hands of users but the devices that have shipped from Samsung to vendors and mobile carriers. It was a daring move to venture out of the norm, the fruits are evident. It is not clear how the other 5 inch devices will do and if they can match up, but judging by previous successes in the Galaxy range, Samsung is sure to lead the pack, with miles for a gap.

As we speak, Samsung is the leader in smartphone market-share in markets like China, France and Spain with 67% smartphone share in the home ground of Korea. As we await the release of OS upgrade and premium software release for the beauty, Samsung is enjoying the fruits of the venture.

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