Samsung sells 2 million Galaxy Note devices

Galaxy Note 2 million

Galaxy Note 2 millionSamsung Galaxy Note, announced last year on September 1 met mixed reactions on both the blogs and offline. It was a first to jump out of the usual less-than-4-inch smartphone, and also made the stylus look fabulous again. The size was what elicited most of the criticsm, with reviews pointing out that its too large for the average pocket, or just hold walking. There were many who thought it was the perfect blend, giving the best of both worlds, the smartphone and the tablet. The phablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note has sold 2 million copies ever since, thats in half a year. These are the shipping numbers and not the actual sales to customers though.  This milestone has seen a release of a second phablet, an LG and just at Mobile World Congress, Samsung also announced a Galaxy Note 10.1 with a stylus. Samsung is developing several Stylus specific apps that will make the S-pen smartphone more productive and stylish.