A Social Network for S-Pen Users, PEN.UP


With the Galaxy Note phablets having sold a combined total of 40 million units since the first Galaxy Note device was launched way back in 2011, there is no lying that there are millions of Galaxy Note devices and their accompanying S-Pens out there. That is before you even add the likes of the Galaxy Note tablets (Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition and Galaxy Note 8.0). Now besides using the S-Pen for productivity on your Galaxy Note phablet or tablet what else can you do with it? Where do all those drawings you make late a night when you are bored go to? That is exactly what Samsung had in mind when starting a new social network for S-Pen users or more fittingly, Galaxy Note users.

Now if you have a Galaxy Note device head over to the Play Store and grab the PEN.UP, a social networking app for sharing your creativity with millions of others who use their Galaxy Note devices to put out some impressive artistic creations. It is a social network like any other. You can set up your own personal feed where you share your latest artistic creations with other users and also follow other users’ activities. You can group images into “Series”. There is also a Foursquare-like Leaderboard called the Hall of Fame where users compete to be at the very top with the top most being the best of the best.

Samsung PEN.UP

The app is said to come pre-installed on the Galaxy Note 3 and available for installation on the Galaxy Note II. There is no word as to whether it is available for installation on Galaxy Note tablets and the first generation Galaxy Note phablet. Still, many who are interested in installing the app are reporting that they can’t access it from the Play Store but can get it from Samsung Apps so whichever works for you, check out PEN.UP and get sharing all those doodles you made using S Paper Artist.


    • You know how new things come, first to the new devices then others get upgrades later. I am sure in a few days Sammy will either push an update that will facilitate that or make an announcement. For now the Note 3 and Note 10.1 2013 edition get their moment.

      It’s a sales thing.

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