Is 3.5inch as a standard for smartphones getting edged out?

Galaxy Ace

Galaxy AceFor a while it had been assumed that 3.5 inch is the standard screen size for the smartphone, more-so because of  Apple which was there since the formative years of the smartphone. Apple defined the smartphone and since the first iPhone, other manufacturers got something to build on when developing a smartphone. And hence due to the previous numbers where Apple led in smartphone numbers, mostly in the premium markets like the US and Europe. This has since changed and bigger screen real estate phones are being developed in their droves, with devices like the Samsung Galaxy S II shaping the 4 inch niche. This has gone further and we currently have the 5.3 inch Samsung Galaxy Note.

Made me think, the numbers still lie on the 3.5 inch since Apple has persistently stuck to 3.5 inch smartphones. Another 3.5 inch phone is the budget Samsung Galaxy Ace sold by O2. This is a smartphone that lies in the mid-range and the features and pricing match well. 3.5 inch tend to strike a balance between male and female users, the latter of whom tend to prefer small screens, 3.5 and below work for them. For the bigger fingers and those who value their screen real estate for more visual juice, 4 inch is standard. The Galaxy S II and LG Optimus  are some of these smartphone which sell for the screen size, among many other features.

Most of the smartphones on the lower end have lesser screen sizes of upto 2.8 inches as seen on the Huawei Ideos that has been quite a sensation for the budget constricted user mainly in Africa. But things change, I wont be suprised when we see random changes like some we see in simulation future technology videos of transparent displays. That is not in a so near future even though I wouldn’t mind being surprised positively, since there are already interactive windows and window pane displays.

What screen size best suits you?