My first Hands-on With Samsung Galaxy Note [Video]

Samsung Galaxy note

Samsung Galaxy noteI had the chance to touch and interact with Samsung Galaxy Note. Even compare it with other Galaxy devices that I have used previously. Well, as you can see, compared to the next device, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 next to it and the Samsung Galaxy S, the device is clearly larger. The same applies to the features it carries. I have always been fascinated by the stylus on Samsung Galaxy Note, so you best thats the first thing I tried out. The Samsung Galaxy Note should be launching somewhere before Christmas for the Kenyan market and this should help you know what you are looking forward to purchase. Enjoy the video.


  1. I like it @Gicheru..i think  i will getting one!…Galaxy is the way now. Currently holds the smallest Galaxy Fit and its features are awesome!

  2. […] Topics: 3.5 inch screens, 4 inch screens, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II, O2 For a while it had been assumed that 3.5 inch is the standard screen size for the smartphone, more-so because of  Apple which was there since the formative years of the smartphone. Apple defined the smartphone and since the first iPhone, other manufacturers got something to build on when developing a smartphone. And hence due to the previous numbers where Apple led in smartphone numbers, mostly in the premium markets like the US and Europe. This has since changed and bigger screen real estate phones are being developed in their droves, with devices like the Samsung Galaxy S II shaping the 4 inch niche. This has gone further and we currently have the 5.3 inch Samsung Galaxy Note. […]

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