Nokia To Release a Laptop?


See the teaser below released by Nokia on its Conversations blog some hours ago.

Nokia laptop

What does it mean?

Nokia has us figuring out what it is that it has been cooking and will be making public on October 22nd in Abu Dhabi. We are already resigned to some “facts” like the tablet and the phablet. We’re likely to see Nokia’s first phablet, the 6 inch Lumia 1520 codenamed Bandit and a tablet to accompany it, the Lumia 2520 codenamed Sirius. But a laptop? Then again, we may be simply overreacting to nothing at all since the image above is captioned: Nokia World is on October 22, 2013. Watch the action on your screen of choice. Probably Nokia is just telling us that we can watch or follow its #InnovationReinvented webcast from whichever device we are using be it a laptop, a tablet or a phone. Still, its not over till that imaginary fat lady sings so we can only wait to find out.

It won’t be a first for the Finns though. Back in 2009 Nokia released the Booklet 3G, a laptop; so they can as well repeat the same feat with a much capable machine this time round.

Here is Nokia’s last laptop (mini) effort that was announced some 4 years ago.

Nokia Booklet 3G mini laptop



Nokia Booklet Photo: Gizmodo

Source: Nokia Conversations