Samsung outs app to showcase the superiority of OLED displays


OLED World

The app was published on the Play Store a few hours ago and goes by the name OLED World. It is meant to be installed on Samsung devices with AMOLED displays so as to showcase those device’s unique Adobe RGB colour space and their active colour reproduction.

Samsung has been using OLED displays on all its high end smartphones and it has become its unique differentiator since almost all its competitors use LCD panels. Both AMOLED and LCD displays have their advantages and disadvantages but the AMOLEDs are widely praised for their true blacks which ensure efficient battery consumption.

The app is available on the Play Store and will showcase the true beauty of your device’s OLED display using high quality photographs from renowned photographers from all over the world. You can even download some as your wallpaper. If you have a Galaxy device with an AMOLED display definitely this app is worth checking out.