Instagram is finally coming to Windows Phone

Instagram Windows Phone

Instagram Windows PhoneAfter months upon months of wishful thinking Windows Phone users are finally going to get Instagram on Windows phone. Not some app fetching Instagram data on a different name but the real thing this time. Stephen Elop, Nokia boss proudly made that announcement at Nokia World in Dubai where they announced 6 new devices.

Instagram will be appearing in the Windows Store in coming weeks within the year with the same functionalities as it has on other platforms Android and iOS. Finally with the famous image app Nokia imaging will have some sort of completeness in that the images taken on the awesome Nokia cameras will finally come to exert their position on Instagram.

Nokia also announced the Nokia Camera app, an app that will be available on the newly announced Lumias to harmonize the image optics settings. This will allow the advanced user go right into advanced camera settings while the basic user will have simple steps to do to achieve great imaging. The same will be available to others in an update later.


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