Nokia to debut Treasure Tag, an accessory to make sure you don’t lose things you value


The Treasure Tag is not new for those in the new. It has been widely speculated for a while now. We first saw its design several months ago and back then it was rumoured to be an accessory for Nokia Lumia smartphones that was in the works that would work via Bluetooth and also NFC. Nothing much has changes since then. Now instead of sketches leaked from Yahoo message boards (who ever goes there these days anyway?) we have something in colour that leaked earlier on: the Treasure Tag alongside a device we expect to be announced tomorrow, the Lumia 1520.

This is a previous sketch of Nokia’s Treasure Tag accessory

Nokia treasure Tag

Here’s what’s been leaked

Lumia 1520 accessory 1

Nokia Lumia smartphones already have Bluetooth 4.0+LE support and that is what is expected to be the base of the new accessory. The Treasure Tag will have a button/tile that acts as a tracker that is tracked using a Windows Phone 8 app on the Nokia Lumia device that is rumoured to incorporate Nokia’s LiveSight AR tech [a sight recognition technology that was added to Nokia’s HERE maps last year. See the video below to understand what it is abit. The small square/tile has a loop for connecting to things that you want to keep track of. NFC is built into the tag since NFC is way faster than Bluetooth with Bluetooth 4.0+LE’s main advantage being the low battery consumption. Let’s say you usually misplace your keys. Just attach them to the Treasure Tag’s loop and everytime you’ve lost track of them, your phone won’t. That sounds smart huh? We can’t be sure if the notification will be audible or it just shows up on the screen of the device you use to monitor the Treasure Tag’s tracker. Essentially you can use this on the phone itself so that you can easily figure out where your device is. For football fans who still use phones without IR blasters, I suggest getting this Treasure Tag just for one thing: loop your remote control and you’ll never lose it when that all important clash is taking place. Essentially, you can put the sensor in your purse or laptop bag. If you leave your laptop bag behind, your phone notifies you.

As you can notice from the leaked photo above, Treasure Tag seems to be paired with an app on the Lumia 1520. An app that extends its functionality. with the words “sensor” appearing there, it can only mean a few things: the accessory will use proximity sensors to locate the tracker every time. Bluetooth Locator is also said to be what the device will be using


Sketch Photo: The Verge

Source: Twitter