Light moment: Nokia pokes fun at Samsung for not announcing a tablet


Nokia’s #InnovationReinvented event coincided with Apple’s iPad event. So today we were having two kings of their respective platforms (Windows – Phone –  and iOS) showing off their new devices. Where the heck was the king of Android (do you still doubt Samsung is king of Android?) ? It seems even the good guy running the @nokia account was also wondering. The Nokia Twitter account made fun of Samsung with the picture below accompanied by the words: So it seems like today is #AnnounceATabletDay. Clearly #samsung didn’t get the memo…

Announce a tablet day

There’s nothing more to look into deeper here. It just made for a good laugh since that @Nokia account was at its best during the event even making fun of whoever was leaking the Lumias everyday before launch.


Thanks @JeffGichanga


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