22,500 LG G2s being ferried in a truck stolen in real-life Grand Theft Auto



GTA V is currently the most popular game and has breaking all manner of records. I know you steal cars in GTA but what if you can get out of the virtual environment and steal as many flagship devices as possible complete with the vehicle used to transport them? I am not sure whether this incident reported by CNET is a coincidence or purely inspired by the game but man, it happened: 22,500 LG G2 smartphones being transported to Sprint stores in Kentucky were stolen en-route in Indiana.

The driver of the truck ferrying the phones is said to have stopped by in Gary for a “bathroom break” only to find the truck and the 20,000+ smartphones inside gone. Case of timed theft or an insider job? That’s for the police that side of the world to worry. And Sprint, the carrier that was ferrying the phones in preparation for its own G2 grand launch since that’s close to $12 million lost just like that (of course there’s the part where the insurance guys jump in but well, a loss is a loss).




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