New Galaxy Note II Test Firmware [N7100XXUEMJ5] Leaked


Galaxy Note III

There have been many of the readers here asking when they’ll be getting some Android 4.3 love on their devices like the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II. Well, that day is almost here. Samsung is said to be in its last stages of testing Android 4.3 for the above devices and more like the Galaxy S III Mini, the Galaxy Megas and such. According to Sammobile, the test firmwares are being rigorously tested (expected anyway) with new builds being re;eased every fortnight. They managed to leak the very latest one which should be a version that is very close to the final thing seeing as it is that we are just approaching November when the said update is expected to roll.

To add further credence to this, yesterday the update schedule for US carriers like AT&T was leaked and a few hours later the first test firmwares leaked too.

So here is build N7100XXUEMJ5 for all Galaxy Note II International version (GT-N7100) to test. Remember this is official test firmware and it won’t do anything harmful to your device nor will it void your warranty. I actually tested the earlier test firmware of the Note II and it was very smooth so this one should even be better. Flashing instructions can be found in the source link below. Plus you can always ask in the comments if you get stuck anywhere.