5 million Galaxy Note 3 units shipped in the first month of sales

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

If you had any doubts that the Galaxy Note line of phablets remains stronger than ever before then here is your confirmation. It comes from Korea where Samsung co-CEO JK Shin confirmed to the media that Samsung has shipped a total of 5 million Galaxy Note 3 units to carriers and sales channels across the globe. This bodes very well with the phablet’s future and shows that Samsung’s own large smartphone offering remains as bullish as ever in the wake of increased encroachment of the phablet category it pioneered by rivals like LG, Sony and recently HTC.

Of all phablets in the market at the moment none has received rave reviews that compare to what the Galaxy Note 3 got and it has beat internal records at Samsung since its predecessors the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note II reached the 5 million mark in 5 months and 2 months respectively.

It has to be noted however that these numbers are for devices that Samsung has shipped to carriers and other sales channels around the world and not what is actually in the hands of the customers. The catch is, regardless of whichever scenario, Samsung does get paid before releasing any devices to the said sales channels and it is up to them to move the units.

Samsung recently announced that it had shipped a total of 30 million Galaxy Note devices with the Galaxy Note II accounting for 30 million of those. Looks like that number is bound to grow since the Galaxy Note 3 does not have a real competitor in its category and stands to dominate the phablet market till its successor arrives.