Sony sold 10 million Xperia smartphones in Q3


Sony Xperia Z

This is coming out of Sony’s Q3 financials announcement where it came out clearly that Sony’s overall results were boosted by increased sales of its smartphones with the mobile division performing well. There’s more, specifics: 10 million Sony Xperia smartphones were sold in Q3. That’s a significant increase over the 9.6 million Xperia smartphones sold in the previous quarter and 8.8 million sold in a similar period last year.

Sony’s flagship smartphone for the better part of 2013, the Xperia Z got special mention in Sony’s press release as it helped push the sales numbers by topping in several key markets. It is worth noting that the Xperia Z1 was not included as it went on sale in most markets just this October.

Sony has a yearly target of 42 million smartphones and if the same momentum that was seen to be gained in Q3 is to be kept then it is on course to reach and even beat that target if holiday sales go well.