SwiftKey will soon support emojis and a dedicated number row on top


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The above is the Samsung keyboard at the moment that is available on all mid-range and high end Samsung devices. The keyboard is appealing to many not because of anything else but that dedicated number row at the top. It makes for a more convenient typing experience than having to hit the shift button every time you need to key in numbers as is the case currently with SwiftKey.

SwiftKey is by far the undisputed number one keyboard app on the Google Play Store and remains very popular with Android users and is a darling to anyone who has used it at least once. However, like any other good app, it has some areas that the developers can improve on. One of those is that dedicated number row. As per what has been posted in SwiftKey’s own forums, that will soon be a reality. As will emojis. Android 4.4 KitKat on the Nexus 5 came with a new Google keyboard that included native support for emojis and the SwiftKey team is keen to bring emojis to their keyboard too.

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