We already have the first Tizen device out in the market, the NX300M camera


The Tizen Developer Conference is on in Seoul, Korea and in one of the sessions, Samsung announced that the first Tizen running device is not a smartphone as many expected. It is a camera! The NX300M camera has the honour of being the first Tizen device to be released commercially. It is already selling in South Korea for a price of 890,000 won ($835) and features among other things a  20.3 MP sensor, a 3.31 inch OLED screen, Wi-Fi, NFC and ISO sensitivities from 100 to 25,600. Like the Android-based Galaxy NX camera that Samsung announced in London mid this year, the NX300M camera is also mirrorless.

Samsung camera NX300M

However, the NX300M runs a dated version of Tizen since it ships with Tizen 1.0 onboard. For a camera that hardly matters since it does almost everything without the need for intensive software interaction with the user as is the case with smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The NX300M is based on the Samsung NX300 camera which got rave reviews when it came out.

It is not out of the ordinary to have a camera running Tizen since Samsung has been making cameras running Google’s Android and furthermore Samsung intends to use Tizen as the main OS on almost any consumer electronic devices it makes with televisions, fridges, washing machines (!) and others expected to run Tizen soon.