Tizen will get Nokia’s HERE Maps


Tizen-HERE Maps

HERE Maps is Nokia’s widely praised and acclaimed answer and only competent rival to Google’s Maps app. Though its user base is not as large as Google Maps’ which has firmly anchored itself as the go-to app for all our location and navigation needs, HERE Maps is really good at what it does. I like its offline maps. All that will be coming to Tizen too and Tizen users won’t just be restricted to sticking with Maps. In fact there is word that it will not only be just available for Tizen, it could be the default navigation and maps app for the platform.

HERE Maps for Tizen was demoed at the Tizen Developer Conference where attending developers were taken through how they can use HERE Maps to create location-enabled apps and more.

HERE Maps will be licensed to Microsoft under the terms of its buyout agreement with Nokia but it remains wholly owned by Nokia since it is independent of the devices division which is set to be sold thanks to that $7.15 million buyout thus the HERE team is able to strike deals with other companies and provide its mapping services. The Tizen deal is one such opportunity.


Source: Twitter