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HERE Maps Becomes HERE WeGo After Rebrand

Because HERE is not all about staring at a map.

Sale of Nokia’s HERE Maps to German Carmakers to Close Earlier than Reported

In August, Nokia sold off its mapping business, HERE to a consortium of German carmakers as had been widely expected. The consortium of leading...
Google Maps offline view

You can now navigate offline on Google Maps

Traditional paper maps have always had one advantage over the modern digital maps: You can use them without a data connection (obviously). This was...

German Carmakers Purchase Nokia’s HERE Maps for €2.8 Billion

It is official: Nokia has finally sold off its mapping business, HERE to a consortium of German carmakers as had been widely expected in...

German Car-makers Close to Inking Deal to Buy Nokia’s HERE Maps

Ever since it announced that it had entered into an agreement with rival Alcatel-Lucent to buy it for $16.6 billion, Nokia has been on...

Nokia’s HERE Maps crosses the 1 million install mark on the Play Store

HERE, the maps and navigation software from Nokia that is currently available to not just Windows Phone users but Android users (as a beta...

Why Microsoft Taking over HERE Apps for Windows is a good thing

Finnish Tech website IT Vikko recently reported that Nokia will turning over HERE Apps development to Microsoft. Though this may seem like a blow...

Nokia’s HERE is now available to all Android devices

Nokia's HERE suite has been available on Android for a while now. Though that provision came with a rider that your Android device either...

Nokia’s HERE Maps is now available on Android, exclusive to Samsung Galaxy devices for now

There was this teaser two days ago: Tune in for more news tomorrow at 10am London time pic.twitter.com/UuHMThg8Bw — HERE (@here) August 28, 2014 Of course as...

Nokia Growth Partners to Invest $100 Million in The Connected Car

After casting off its mobile business, Nokia can now concentrate on the profit making arms - networking equipment, intellectual property licensing and mapping. The...

Nokia to bring HERE Maps to Windows 8.1 devices

Nokia's mapping and navigation app HERE Maps will make its entry to devices running Windows 8.1 soon. The application has been available on Windows...

Like Tizen, Jolla’s Sailfish OS based smartphones will also feature Nokia’s HERE maps

Jolla announced an agreement to license positioning services and map technology from HERE, a Nokia business, to be used in Sailfish OS. This will provide...

Tizen will get Nokia’s HERE Maps

HERE Maps is Nokia's widely praised and acclaimed answer and only competent rival to Google's Maps app. Though its user base is not as...
Nokia HERE Maps

Ten reasons why you should get lost on purpose

I normally don't take Saturday's off, they are still work days in my diary. But I took the Saturday last week off and it...
HERE Drive My Commute

Nokia avails HERE Drive+ for all Windows Phone 8 devices, but there is a price

Nokia has one of the best Navigation systems in HERE Maps, currently in use on Nokia Smartphones, including the recently announced Asha 501. HERE...