Nokia to bring HERE Maps to Windows 8.1 devices


Nokia HERE Maps

Nokia’s mapping and navigation app HERE Maps will make its entry to devices running Windows 8.1 soon. The application has been available on Windows Phone devices and for large screen devices the Windows RT 8.1 running Lumia 2520 tablet is the only one that has had the honour of showcasing Nokia’s famed Maps app. Now everyone else including other tablets running Windows 8.1/Windows RT 8.1. Desktop and laptop computers are also in the mix too.

What will be new with the Windows 8.1 app? Nokia promises a snappier app that will load your point of interest in no time whether you’re online or not citing better improvements over a direct website. Nokia cites city pages as an example saying they’ll load up to four times faster. Well, using a keyboard or a mouse will still be a better way of interacting with the app as those guys with touch screen laptops or running the app from their laptops. Also, high resolution imagery will appear much better on the app on Windows 8.1. While that is all that Nokia is telling us, we have a few days to find out for ourselves.

We’ve seen Nokia’s mapping app sourced by the likes of Jolla and is also what will power Tizen deviceswhen they are eventually available for the consumer market so with it landing on Windows 8.1 devices soon, there’s no telling where it will all end.