Nokia’s HERE Maps crosses the 1 million install mark on the Play Store


Samsung Android HERE Maps

HERE, the maps and navigation software from Nokia that is currently available to not just Windows Phone users but Android users (as a beta release) as well has crossed the 1 million install mark on the Google Play Store.

This means that the application is immensely popular since it only debuted on Android towards the end of 2014 first as a Samsung exclusive before eventually being available to all via the HERE website. Much later (less than a month ago) it became available on the Play Store as a beta install. It has since grown to amass a huge following thanks to its excellent offline maps and navigation.

Note that HERE Beta crossed the 1 million mark on Android earlier on and the figure highlighted here is just the Play Store’s. Also, this is based purely on the numbers on the Play Store as there is no statement from Nokia on the total number of installs so far. The number of users should be much higher and this serves just as a pointer to that.



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