Temple Run Movie in the works


Temple Run

Perhaps you have played one of the most popular and addictive game we have on the various platforms’ app stores, Temple Run. Yes, Temple Run the movie could be showing at a big screen near you some time next year if ongoing negotiations between Imangi Studios and Warner Bros come to fruition.

The prospect of a Temple Run game has pulled in big names to the project with Harry Potter producer David Heyman said to be onboard.

The new film will center on an explorer (just like the ones on Temple Run) who is chased around by demonic forces after stealing an idol from the temple.

Temple Run has been around since 2011 and is still one of those must have games on your mobile device. A sequel to the first game title was released early this year and has been an instant success. Spin-offs of the game have also been developed along the way as collaborations between Imagi Studios and the likes of Pixar and Disney based on popular animation films and characters  made by the two. As expected, even those have been instant hits and command a loyal following amongst the hordes of Temple Run fans.

Another extremely popular game, Angry Birds, has already attracted enough film attention and an animated film set for a 2016 release is said to be in the works.

Are you interested in seeing a Temple Run movie?


Source: Hollywood Reporter