MediaTek announces the world’s first ‘true’ octa-core chip, the MT6592


mediatek octacore chip

We have known for a while that MediaTek was working on its own octa-core chip. That chip is now official and it is dubbed the world’s first ‘true’ octa-core chip.

The MT6592 is an octa-core chip built on the 28nm architecture and each of the eight low power Cortex A7 cores can be clocked upto 2 GHz and promises better performance and battery drain. Gaming, multi-tasking and web browsing, the key areas where users usually complain of lag should be a breeze on devices powered by the said chip that are fully optimized. We all know how that lag situation goes in some instances so let’s just say at least on paper. Further conclusions can be made when real world usage stats from devices are available.

The chip utilizes ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture based on a HMP model. It has an image ignal processor that can support 16 megapixel camera modules and an ARM Mali 450 MP graphics processor clocked at 700 MHz for better full HD UI redraws at 60fps. Talking of frames, the chip utilizes MediaTek’s ClearMotion technology to convert 24 and 30 fps videos to 60 fps and ensures smoother playback. Ultra HD (4K) video content playback is also supported.




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