IBM security package Total Authentication Solution To include Gemalto’s e-banking authentication platform


IBM’s Total Authentication Solution now includes Gemalto Ezio – electronic e-banking security platform. Banks and other financial institutions using IBM’s solution will benefit from the added capability of Gemalto Ezio. Smaller banks are tending towards the outsourcing of their IT infrastructure to third-party external technology provision route. Ezio provides a platform for the efficient management of these resources.

By partnering with Gemalto, IBM can now claim compliance IT security industry open standards including One-Time Password (OTP) protocols and PKIs. With the addition of Ezio, Total Authentication Solution provides seamless interoperability with a range of authentication devices, from physical tokens to mobile applications. Internal IT departments can install the solution off-the-shelf for use in the bank’s environment or utilize it on the cloud via SaaS (Software as a Service) packages.

“The IBM business partnership allows us to reach the global market easier and faster.” – Håkan Nordfjell, senior vice president of e-banking, Gemalto.