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Universal Print Drivers
Universal Print Drivers

The task of managing more than one print driver in a computing environment is simplified with the use of a universal print driver. Printer management is streamlined, remote printing capability is enhanced and printer incompatibility issues are eliminated.IT staff no longer has the time-consuming task of installing printers through logon scripts that are complicated.

A universal driver allows administrators to assign and manage printers based on IP, hostname or AD user/group, from a central location. A better printing experience is provided by print management software, while a significant burden is removed from the IT department. Full-featured printing is delivered to users, software and tech support are available and hidden support costs are reduced.

Being PDF-based and conforming to ADOBE standards, print spool files are compressed and converted to PDF format up to 90 percent. Printing is faster and network bandwidth is saved. A rich and seamless experience that transcends geographic locations, devices, and platforms allows administrators to create customized printer profiles. Access to manufacture-specific properties such as hole punching or stapling can be given to users. Because all makes and models are supported by a universal print driver, cost is reduced and efficiency is improved.

Connection using bidirectional communication determines printer device capabilities. Newer devices are provided with the full device functionality. Finishing capabilities and advanced features are included. For third party devices or older models, the maximum functionality is enabled by a universal generic set of printing features that includes staple, duplex, print quality, layout, and paper.

With a printer interface that is consistent, unsuccessful print jobs are reduced; print jobs are securely stored and can be accessed and released by any printer on the network. Optional email and job saving functions further reduce printing costs.

Small printing problems can have a large impact on business. Waiting on a lagging printer can cause company representatives to be late for meetings and may frustrate clients. A small problem just became a bigger problem. Native print drivers are often the cause of network printing problems.

Managing print drivers incorrectly can halt printing capability, leading to productivity loss.Common printing issues can be avoided with a universal driver. Print options that are available locally are also available remotely, giving users access from any location.

In summary, a universal print driver is easy to implement. All device configurations, printer-vendor hardware, and platforms are supported. Operation efficiency is improved, expenses are reduced, time is saved, and internal control is retained.

By Neil Lennection