Kenyan developers use Intel Developer Zone to scale up application performance

Eric Kotonya, Comfied
Eric Kotonya, Mobile Apps Developer at Comfied
Eric Kotonya, Comfied
Eric Kotonya, Mobile Apps Developer at Comfied

Intel Codefest Nairobi has come to an end with quite a lot of success and learning. Intel held this event with Kenyan Android developers to get them to port apps to X86 Native apps. The event has come to a successful end with most of the developers porting their apps at day’s end. Fred Odhiambo, Intel Engineer termed it a success saying that the applications presented today were quite relevant to the Kenyan market and the global market at large.

“Gaming is a multi-billion business and the growth potential is unlimited, we are seeing an industry that is barely scratched in the surface locally and when I see intuitive gaming apps I see great potential,” said Fred referring to one of the apps that were pitched at the event. Fred also added that another interesting category was education and Mytichaa was one app that has huge potential.

“This app is quite useful in that even a tourist in Kenya can use it to get to learn common words they would need to use when they land in Kenya beyond it being a useful app for students to learn language,” said Fred.

Another app that met it’s first day today in the application store is MilePress, an app developed by Eric Kotonya of Comfied, also one of  the developers participating in today’s Code-Fest. Milepress, in Eric’s words is a neighbourhood billboard. The app is user-driven and collects user info from users in a certain region to update the neighbours. One can post job alerts, ads, notices and other kind of messages that are relevant within a mile. Below is a video of the app demo, we got an exclusive early app showcase on mobile web.

Eric told me of  how he has used one of Intel Developer Zone tools Intel Identity Service which is a cloud and maps service to develop an app for retailers within an afternoon who’s data is geo-located to allow users to go to merchant stores online and access hotel menus, specials for the day, library books, shop catalogs and even forex bureaus can publish their rates.

Users could then make reservations if there is services or products they need available and they just go to the physical shops to collect and pay for products. With that app he was second runners up at Mobile World Congress earlier in the year.

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