Intel Codefest Nairobi: Boost User Experience in Application Development

Intel Codefest Nairobi 2013

Intel Codefest Nairobi 2013

Intel has congregated top Android developers in Kenya at the iHub in Nairobi. Top in terms of app downloads in Kenya with an aim to make their apps go native and boost the user experience. This is meant to make these applications able to compete in a global scale by providing the developers with both the skill-set and tools to achieve this.

App developers need to go beyond just having an app available in the applications stores. Intel goes local in a bid to ensure that beyond having relevant applications produced by developers for the region and the world, these apps can scale out to as many devices as possible without compromising the experience. The sessions today will involve boosting apps for the Intel Architecture by adding X86 code in them and showing apps developers how to add the Wi-Di functionality in their apps. This helps them project the apps to a second screen without needing a projector.

“We have with us today top Kenyan Android developers with an aim to make their apps go native,” says Fred Odhiambo, Software Engineer at Intel.
“We want their apps to have X86 code in them, this boosts the performance of the app and in general boosts user experience,” Fred adds.

Fred Odhiambo, Software Engineer at Intel
Fred Odhiambo, Software Engineer at Intel

Intel had another code-fest at United States International University, Nairobi a few days ago with an objective of training college school developers on how to use Intel’s XDK, a free to download and use app that has tools to help the application development faster, easier and more intuitive.

Today’s event seeks to have these Android developers who are already getting somewhere in app development do world-class applications development. The event will also have a session on how to add WiDi (Wireless Display) functionality to their applications.

This is meant to make them project the apps virtually onto a second larger screen line a TV or PC. WiDi is enabled by My WiFi, a feature in Intel Centrino wireless chipsets that connects to a receiver on the Tv or PC. Intel Code fest

“The developers with the awesomest apps  at today’s event will get a chance to demo their apps at Mobile World Congress come Q1 next year courtesy of Intel,”says Rachael Gichinga, Intel Developer Community Manager.

We will update you on the progress of the event that is day long as soon as we have something you need to know.


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