Nokia is offering mobile phone trade-in for Nokia Lumias in Kenya

Nokia Mali Kwa Mali

Nokia Mali Kwa Mali

Nokia has started this promo where anyone in Kenya can trade-in their existing mobile phone and get discounts when making a purchase of a Nokia Lumia. Nokia is not limiting they device vendor in this case so it’s clear the Finnish company turned Redmond is targeting to convert users.
So basically, any Nokia, Samsung, LG, Tecno, Huawei or Sony Ericsson user can trade in their phone for a Lumia (I wonder what they will do with these phones when they get them).

Nokia has 5 phones on offer in the promo; Windows Phones Lumia 920 (read review), Lumia 820 (read review), Lumia 625, Lumia 520 (read review) and 3G feature phone Nokia 515. Nokia has excplicitly declared that this promo is open in Kenya only and is also limited to shoppers at channel retailer Midcom. When selecting, customers have a chance to list the kind of phone they have starting from a non-GPRS, GPRS, Edge enabled and smartpone.

The choice then determines the amount of discounts you get when picking the device to purchase.There is a cash discount plus gifts (BH-219 Bluetooth Headset or DC-16 charger), Airtel voice and data bundles. Here is the swap portal.

LG did something similar in the UAE but targeted Samsung Galaxy S 4 only where Samsung Galaxy S 4 owners could swap their smartphone for an LG G2, a bad deal if you ask me. But that looked more of a jab at Samsung than an genuine aim to convert.


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