LG Offers to Swap Your Galaxy S4 for the G2 for Free


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LG is not stopping. Almost a week after it released the 5.2 inch LG Vu and almost a month since the release of the LG G2, the Koreans are not stopping. After failing to create a lot of buzz with their previous flagships, they are out to make sure they don’t repeat the same mistake thrice. LG Dubai is now offering to replace your Galaxy S4, Xperia Z and Xperia Z1 with its new flagship smartphone the LG G2.

You can NOW exchange your 5-inch #Android #smartphone for a NEW #LGG2 for free! This one-of-a-kind offer starts today up until supplies last. Hurry! – Offer valid while stocks last. LG

It is not a new game altogether since Microsoft continues to run its own offer targeting iPad owners who get their iPads replaced with a Surface tablet at no extra cost. What is really worth noting is the manner in which LG has become aggressive in its marketing push. Just the other day they surprised us by announcing the LG G2 locally. That has never been the case. Traditionally LG flagships take forever to be available locally. By which time similar products from rivals like Samsung and Huawei are already in control of the market.

The LG G2 is a beast. It packs all the latest and greatest specifications. It is very desirable and save for the UI which I loathe, you’ll love everything about its performance. and particularly that crisp 5.2 inch display. Never mind the fact that the volume up, down and power buttons are unconventionally placed behind the phone.

Would I trade in my Galaxy S4 for the LG G2? No. I know the G2 has all the raw power of the benchmark topping Snapdragon 800 SoC and a really good camera with OIS (optical image stabilization) but no, thanks. Things like expandable storage, updates (yes I said updates) and a removable battery will make me hang around the S4 for much longer. That’s me, what about you? Would you trade in your Galaxy S4, Xperia Z or the awesome Xperia Z1 for LG’s G2?

LG says that it will replace every smartphone with at least 5 inch display, 1.5 GHz processor, running Android 4.2 and must have been launched this year. With that in mind, the most probable candidates are Samsung’s Galaxy S4, Galaxy active, Sony’s Xperia Z, ZL and Z1.





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