Find the Best Strategies to Grow Your Ecommerce Website and Target Different Countries


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Most sellers who have the courage to dream big are driven by the same ambition: they want to promote their products in a highly effective manner on an international scale. If you are pursuing the same goal, then you must do everything it takes to discover and implement the very best strategies to expand your business and target multiple countries. The whole process is actually simpler and faster than you might think, as long as you follow all the right steps explained below.

SEO Efforts Should Always Be Considered a Top Priority

No matter what you do, remember that SEO strategies are always the key to success, in any given set of circumstances. On-page and off-page SEO tactics like keyword research, content optimization, external and internal link building strategies or social media promotion efforts will always help you obtain a privileged position in SERPs. Targeting two different strategies, instead of just one, could prevent you from reaching your full potential.

For example, if you only have 10 hours to create, perfect and apply your SEO strategies for ecommerce marketing, you’ll have to divide your working hours equally to focus on the best SEO tactics for both e-commerce sites.

Here is the biggest paradox that you should accept: in most cases, the fact that you add much more detailed information, address potential shipping issues and come up with much more complex operations won’t reward your optimization efforts when you are handling more than one site.

Should You Worry about Google Penalties for Duplicate Content?

In this case, it all depends on the quality and purpose of your optimization process as per If you’re using duplicate content as a spam practice to manipulate SERPs to your own advantage, then you will expose yourself to Google penalties. On the other hand, duplicate content serving a legitimate purpose can’t affect your business.

So yes, you can feel free to create two versions of your website and use similar content to target more than one country as long as you don’t resort to black-hat practices, like keyword stuffing, to reach your target.

Should You Pay for the .ca Domain and the .com Domain?

This is a common question that keeps bothering many business owners who plan to roll out more than one version of their e-commerce website to target multiple countries. Should you invest in the ca. domain and in the .com domain at the same time? The best answer would be this: If you can afford to do it, why not?

This simple action will help you boost your authority, reach more categories of potential buyers and prevent a similar company from using a domain that you may feel the urge to acquire in the near future. Keep in mind that you will have to geo-target your webpages by making the most of Google’s webmaster tools.

Personalize Your Content Based on What Your audience Needs and Want to Hear from You

If you are already relying on this ecommerce website to sell your commodities online the easy way, you should know that more than one version of your website can reward your perseverance, as long as you invest a lot of time in them to optimize them properly, from a SEO standpoint.

Moreover, always remember that you’ll have to anticipate and address the distinctive needs of all your categories of buyers. For instance, you’ll have make special offers around certain holidays, cope with various mentalities, shopping habits, cultural and spelling differences. All of these actions require time and effort.

Otherwise, if you have what it takes to build and run two different e-commerce websites, feel free to target as many countries as you see fit, as there are no other restrictions that could limit or delay your progress.