MediaTek’s 2014 plans include focus on wearables


While much was said about MeiaTek’s chip business in 2013, the Chinese chip maker aims to diversify into many other fronts in this new year and there is no better way to show off what it has up its sleeves than the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. MediaTek has confirmed through a media release that it will indeed be showcasing just more than new SoCs at CES, there will be more like cloud apps, smart home automation and video over Wi-Fi.



The catch is that all the new offerings are tied to MediaTek’s chips since chips are its core business. In short, expect MediaTek to have much more capable chips this year. Expect them to show up in the places you least expect them to. Expect them to build on the momentum they built with the octa-core MT6592 last year.

What will they showcase at CES about their chips? Well plenty. Here’s what to expect besides cloud apps, smart home automation and video over Wi-Fi:

1. Focus on wearables

You’ll hear so much about wearables in 2014 and since it is the direction everyone is going as the mobile world takes a shift, MediaTek is looking to position itself at the centre of things with chips targeted at just that, wearables. Its solution is a SoC named Aster that will provide the needed application framework and run-time environment for wearables.

2. 4K and 2K

There’s an Ultra HD (4K2K) DTV SOC with 60Hz HEVC support for just that! 2014 is the year that we expect mobile device manufacturers to push the boundaries and take the game further from the current 1080p craze. Not to be left behind, MediaTek will be showcasing what plans they have for just that with the above named SoC which is expected to go into production later in the year. Though this particular SoC will simply focus on home entertainment (TVs), it is safe to assume that wholesome focus on mobile is happening in the background.

3. Wireless Charging

MediaTek will debut a wireless charging SoC this year.

4. Others

MediaTek MT7621A – a new dual-core 11ac Wi-Fi router platform

MediaTek MT8135 – an advanced mobile SOC designed for high-end tablets.

MediaTek MT6592 – MediaTek’s octa-core SoC that we’ve heard so much about so far will be debuting in various high end devices this year. MediaTek will be showing it off at CES in order to woo more device makers.


Source: MediaTek