Nokia Store Shuts Down Support for Symbian and MeeGo Apps


Q4 2012, Nokia released its earnings report and announced that support for Symbian would be withdrawn. At the same time, the firm announced that it would be creating Microsoft Windows Phone devices. A recent twitter update finalizes the move from Symbian after the Nokia Store team announced that support for Symbian applications has officially been withdrawn.

Developers will no longer be able to supply Symbian apps signed by the Nokia Store team although they have an option of supplying self-signed apps through their own servers. Apps can also be distributed to Nokia devices running custom firmware. Symbian users will however not benefit from Nokia store notifications whenever an update becomes available leaving manual updates as the only alternative.

Microsoft will be completing its takeover of Nokia in the coming months. Nokia has been wrapping up its hanging businesses as it moves into a new epoch under Microsoft.

Created in 1998, Symbian reigned for a long while as the most popular system among mobile phone users. In 2010, Symbian was still the most used platform with 73% of the early smartphone market registered as Symbian users in 2006. Nokia 808 Pureview released in 2012 was the last Symbian device.

The only device that was ever powered by MeeGo from the mobile manufacturer was the Nokia N9. Fresh breath was given to the system after former Nokia employees derived Sailfish OS from its codebase. Sailfish OS currently powers the Jolla smartphone.