Small victories; Jolla Phone outsells iPhones in Home Country Finland

Jolla Phone

Jolla PhoneNot your average hero news, because in the smartphone world you make news if you hit it big in markets like the US, China or continent-wide. Numbers matter so much in the industry and when any of the vendors have a little sum to gloat about they hit the press with much vigour. Ofcourse this has impact in both investor confidence and consumer adoption.

Jolla, a Sailfish OS based smartphone that sprouted from Meego, the OS that Nokia let die a natural death after opting to adopt Windows phone is in the news with some meager victory. They outdid both iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, Apple’s new smartphones from Q3. These are figures from one re-seller in Finland. The guys over at Jolla users claim they got this information and that overall the Jolla Phone is number 5 best selling smartphone with Samsung Galaxy Trend topping the list of best sellers, Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy S III 4G and Nokia Lumia 520 follow in that order.

It’s good for some egos but Finland is such a small market and Jolla is yet to go out to big markets, currently restricted to Europe. If Finland was a quarter of what China is, then we would talk about hitting it big, we have seen mobile phone manufacturers topping charts and being global contenders just by merely topping in local markets of China. Humble beginnings though and the Jolla guys are quite hopeful but we’ll wait and see.