German Modders Create Hackintosh Mac Pro, Good As the Real Thing


A trashcan could just create a replica of Apple’s newest Mac Pro, and it did. Images of a modded case popped up on after user Dschijn got permission to release them on the creator’s behalf.

Sascha288 (the creator) picked an Authentics Lunar trashcan for his mod, painted it red and stuck an Apple logo on it. The case’s got a central airflow design and a hand-crafted intake grate on the bottom. Specs: Gigabyte Mini ITX motherboard, Haswell Core i3, Radeon 7750, SSD, HDD, ATX PSU. Dimensions: Width 18 cm, Height 26 cm. Cost for the build materials was 60€.

According to Dschijn, no link to the original post is allowed due to legal implications but somewhere on PasteBin you might find your answer.


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