Alleged images of the LG G Pro 2 surface online


LG had a great 2013 as far as devices go. Though that may no be reflected on the financial gains the company made last year, the devices it released served to give it the publicity it really needed. The Nexus devices made sure we were always talking and speculating about what LG could be cooking behind the scenes. The flexing, curved G Flex with its famed self-healing back made sure we forgot that the Galaxy Round even existed in the first place. Clearly LG wants to build on that momentum this year. We’ve already seen the Koreans get admitted to the elite club of Google Play editions with the G Pad 8.3 and now they want to get in line with the rest of the pack with a mid Q1 launch of its next flagship, the LG G Pro 2.

LG already confirmed that the G Pro 2 will be unveiled at MWC in a few weeks’ time all that we were left wondering was what they have in store for us. Well, that is where the rumour mill comes in handy and from those quarters we have these new images making rounds on the interwebs [see below]. Do these two photos show the G Pro 2? We cannot be sure at this point but it won’t be long before we can confirm this.

lg g pro 2 leaked photo 1LG G Pro leaked photo 2

Note the same back buttons we saw on the LG G2 are what purportedly will adorn the back of the upcoming G Pro 2. Also as per the above leaked images, the device seems much larger and could as well be packing the 6 inch display it is rumoured to be packing.