Samsung Africa Forum 2014 is This Week in Spain, Here’s What to Expect

Samsung Forum 2014

Samsung Forum 2014
Samsung Africa Forum 2014 will be starting on the 6th of February in Malaga, Spain. As it has always been, this is a moment for Samsung to showcase their full product portfolio for the year. Samsung has facilitated our travel there this week so we will bring in-depth coverage of the Forum live.

Samsung Africa forum is where both media and consumers get to interact with Built for Africa products, especially Business to Business, Consumer Electronics, Government focused solutions and mobile devices, the latter of which Samsung calls the hand held products division.

Last year Samsung showcased their solutions ranging from Solar Powered mobile computer class-rooms complete with interactive smart-boards and an option of laptops or tablets for places with lack of the necessary infrastructure. These serve as good solutions for the rural areas. Other related solutions include mobile clinics that are also solar powered and equipped with high end equipment to avail these services to the rural unserved.

Samsung also showcased recent announcements from CES and also announced new products in the entry level smartphone range. That’s where the Galaxy Star and Galaxy Pocket Neo first got unveiled. These are devices specific to the emerging markets in Africa that are targeted to the newly converting smartphone user to give them low cost devices with the Samsung experience.

What to expect.

In 2014 we expect even more announcements in the Business to Government and Business to Business division with a keen eye on needs such as education, ICT, electrification and security.

You will also see announcements in the mobile and tablets division with some new products in the smartphone segment. We will also see new tablets and solutions around tablets.  These include some content partnerships like they did previously with E-Kitabu  for e-learning, Kleek for Music and AlwaysON for free internet for Galaxy device users in South Africa. Keep an eye here as Samsung has decided that this year they will really give the tablets a keen interest.

Also on showcase will be consumer electronics products for the home and office, products in the line of Ultra HD TVs, Refridgerators, washing machines and air conditioning equipment. All these are products that Samsung sells under the tag “Built For Africa”, essentially meaning they are built with factors like electricity fluctuations, blackouts and power surges in consideration.

This means the consumer is protected from these situations with internal power protection and 10 year warranty on a wide range of them.