HTC One’s successor the M8 (One Plus) has live accessories

The leaked photo of the HTC M8

Early today we were treated to the first clear images of HTC’s upcoming successor of its beautiful 2013 flagship device. The device that is codenamed M8 was shown to be packing to cameras at the back and now that has a solid backing. Popular mobile device a accessory online store Mobile Fun UK just updated its offerings with bold images of a ‘HTC One Plus’. While the HTC One Plus may as well be an upgrade of the HTC One that won’t be the 2014 flagship, we have heard solid rumours before that the One Plus and the M8 are indeed one and the same. It makes sense though since the M7 was the codename of the HTC One pre-launch. Of course the leaked photos are in sync with the cases now live on Mobile Fun UK’s site.

HTC One Plus

HTC’s upcoming flagship is expected to be everything that the One was and more. The mid-size 4.7 inch display is expected to be bumped up to 5 inches as well as a better ultrapixel shooter at the back. Well from the leaked images and the cases online we can already tell that photography will be at the centre of this device’s notable capabilities so there’s hardly any doubt about that. A Snapdragon 800 chip is also expected here. Though 2014 will be all about the newer and snappier Snapdragon 805, the 800 is still a beast as can be witnessed by the current flagship devices from Samsung, LG and Sony. Also, the Snapdragon 800 is an upgrade to the HTC One’s Snapdragon 600 SoC. The best news out of all the rumours floating around is that HTC won’t be joining the pixel marathon by cramming more pixels in its display. Word has it that Samsung is preparing a quad HD (2K) display for its upcoming Galaxy S5. I just hope HTC will put some more focus on the battery life and making their custom skin much more desirable.

The leaked photo of the HTC M8
The leaked photo of the HTC M8

The HTC M8/One Plus is expected to be launched sometime in March (next month) at an event in New York.

Source: MobileFunUK, Twitter