The Galaxy S5 is up for pre-order in Kenya through online retailer Jumia


Samsung just announced the Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress that just wrapped up in Barcelona and in a quick reminder of how times have really changed, online retailer Jumia has opened pre-orders for Samsung’s latest and greatest. There was a lot of interest in the device by Kenyans on the night it launched thanks in part to the premium status most Kenyans have come to associate with the Galaxy S brand as is the case globally. Also, TV station NTV aired the Galaxy S5 announcement live from Barcelona which meant that many Kenyans had a chance to watch the unveiling live unlike before where only those of us who are so deep into matters mobile tech have bothered to tune in to the live stream.

You will part with Ksh 69,999 for either the Black or the White Galaxy S5 payable upon delivery if you placed a pre-order on Jumia’s website. The Galaxy S5 will go on sale worldwide from April 11th but Jumia is promising to deliver the device to you by the 28th of the same month.

Galaxy S5

Unlike previously when Kenyans have had to wait for ages before a newly launched device finally arrives in this market, things have taken a turn for the better in recent years with Samsung leading the pack of mobile device manufacturer who have given our market full attention not neglecting it and leaving those who want to buy its smartphones and tablets at the mercy of costly third party re-sellers or the grey market. The Galaxy S4, last year’s flagship was also available for pre-order through almost all of Kenya’s carriers accompanied with juicy offers like data bundles and a significant discount. We’re likely to see the same happen this year but before then Jumia is definitely on the fast lane already.


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