Korea Suffers Massive Data Breach, 12 million affected


A data breach at South Korea’s KT corp allowed hackers to access data from 12 million customers. Details accessed in the leak include bank account information, names and registration numbers. The operation had gone ahead undetected for a whole year with 300,000 records accessed each day. South Korea’s telecoms ministry is now investigating the data breach. 2 hackers and the CEO of a telemarketing firm are now in custody in connection to the incident.

KT Corp is the country’s second largest telecom operator, it has been the subject of high profile data theft in the past. The operator promised to improve its security in 2012 when data from 8.7 million customers was leaked. A few months ago, the Korea Credit Bureau suffered the loss of 20 million card holder details due to insider foul play. But Korea’s largest hack ever was in 2011, when nearly everyone – 35 million – in the country had their data accessed by malicious parties after SK Telecom’s Cyworld website and Nate web portal were compromised.