Samsung’s Galaxy devices-only Milk Music service app gets ripped and ported to other devices


There’s nothing that cannot happen in the droidsphere. Perhaps you know this so well from what has happened in the past. From ripping off the exclusive Dropbox apps in devices with agreements to give the end user extra storage to porting something the engineers at Nokia had worked for a while as an exclusive experience for their first Android device to porting the unwanted and unwelcome Play Store and Google Now to the same Microsoft-centric Android device. The lastest casualty: Samsung’s new music streaming service, Milk Music.

Milk Music

When questioning whether we’ll see Samsung bring the app to non-Galaxy devices, I had this in mind: unless the app requires special things only available to Galaxy smartphones, it’ll be ripped off and ported to the Nexus 5 and every other little green robot in the universe. That did not take long to happen and as Android Police reports, all you need is root access, a good file manager and a few minutes of your time. If you happen to live outside the United States and can’t wait to try out Samsung’s newest service, a VPN client or any other app to disguise your  location is all you need to join the Milk Music party.

For more instructions and a download link, the source link below will come in handy. PS: If you want to avoid a few app force closes and just continue enjoying your full Android experience just avoid it for now. If you’re not into modding and editing a few lines of Android system process code in an app, you can give it a wink and move on. It’s not hard either so the choice is yours.

Via: AP

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