Oppo Find 7 leaks, no 50 MP camera in sight


Oppo’s latest flagship, the Find 7 is just over a week away from being shown off to the world at an event on the 19th. That won’t stop it from leaking though. The device showed up at design awards website Red Dot a few hours ago and apart from most of the expected specs being clear, the one iconic thing after that Quad HD display, the rumoured 50 megapixel camera that was going to make Nokia’s efforts with the Lumia 1020’s sensor look like child’s play, is missing.

Oppo Find 7 leaks 1

The Find 7, pictured above, is seen rocking the expected 2560 x 1440 pixel display with the other rumoured internals of the device like a Snapdragon 800 chip said to be on-board too. We can’t tell that for sure from just a photo without making some speculation here and there but what we can tell from the above images is that there’s no 50 megapixel shooter therein. Instead what we get is a more ordinary (we’ve been really spoiled by Nokia, Sony and Samsung) 13 megapixel camera.

If the 50 MP camera ever makes it to the device, it will be the centre of all attraction. All is not lost though since I’m sure a QHD display is just enough to arouse a lot of interest in Oppo’s latest effort. Still, that huge camera sensor could still make it if Oppo sticks with its reported plans of a dual device set up where the Find 7 will come in two flavours with one flaunting a QHD display and that monstrous camera sensor and a Snapdragon 801 chip while another one will get us a 1080p display, Snapdragon 800 SoC and a 13 MP camera. From this leak, things have been disrupted and we’ll have to either jump on the next leak or suffer with little knowledge of what Oppo has been cooking for its 5.5 inch device till when it is officially unveiled on the 19th.


  1. I saw somewhere it has a blue notification light at the bottom of the screen… now that is going to be really cool!

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