Zuku To Drop WIMAX Service, Tells Existing Customers Bye Bye


Zuku WIMAX Discontinued

Wananchi Group, the company that owns the product that is Zuku TV and Internet has been keen on dropping the WIMAX service that was introduced several years back. Since they introduced the fiber based Zuku Triple Play, they stopped new installations of WIMAX and where customers could not get Zuku’s cable service they had an option of going with other service providers.

Zuku now has the same message for the existing WIMAX service users.

“We write to notify you that Wananchi Group (Kenya) Ltd will discontinue the offering and support services of the WIMAX internet solution effective May 31st (Discontinuation Date”)”, says a message sent out to subscribers.

Wananchi goes on to add that they will support the customers till the said date and they will require to pick an alternative internet supplier. Wananchi does not seem to have a problem with losing these as clients as they have not mentioned anywhere that they would be keen to extend the current WIMAX providers with the faster fiber connection.

May 31st which stands as the current deadline is Two and a half months away and by then the customers will have to kiss Wananchi services goodbye.