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Zuku Launches ‘Kenya’s Fastest FTTH’ Plan at 500 Mbps

The 500 Mbps plan is, of course, equipped with three offerings (Triple Play) as is the case with other packages.
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Zuku Might Soon Release a Decoder with Android TV

Zuku, a leading satellite and fixed internet provider seems to be planning to release and Android TV box in the future. https://twitter.com/BeingWesh/status/1276064934338555909?s=20 This image has been...
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Safaricom Passes Zuku to Become the Biggest Fixed Broadband Provider

Safaricom has finally passed Zuku to become the biggest fixed data provider in the country

SEACOM Subsea Cable System to Blame for Zuku’s Outage

Today, Zuku subscribers have been complaining about otage issues on the Internet.  They are still the biggest fiber provider in the country and this...
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Safaricom Gunning for Zuku’s Top Spot as it Gains 4 Times as Many Subscribers

Communications Authority of Kenya has released their latest Sector Statistics for the period between April and June and we get to see the changes in the...
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Safaricom Fiber Added Over 5 Times More Subscribers than Zuku Last Quarter

Safaricom is closing down on Wananchi Group's Zuku Fiber market share in the fixed data market as shown in the latest CA report. According to...
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Zuku Introduces a Free Email Service For its Customers

Wananchi Group's Zuku has today introduced a free email service for its customers which seems like a move to add value to their service. They...
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Fiber Optic Subscriptions Up 12%, Safaricom Closing in on Wananchi Group

The Communications Authority of Kenya has released their latest Sector Statistics Report for Q2 2018-2019 and it has some interesting insights about the telecommunications sector. One of...

Zuku Fiber Launches in Nakuru as It Expands to More Towns

Christmas comes early for the residents of Nakuru as Wananchi Group's Zuku Fiber expands in the Rift Valley town. Zuku has been able to...
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Zuku Hikes Fiber Prices But Absorbs Tax For New Customers

Zuku is the leading fiber to the home provider in Kenya has increased the cost of their internet products. The ISP is facing stiff...
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The Grim Effects of Kenya’s Finance Act 2018 on Cost of Internet

When President Uhuru Kenya signed into law the Finance Act 2018, Kenyans did not anticipate the vast implications of the bill. On the surface,...

Zuku Now in Uganda, and it’s So Cute How They Are Excited

Wananchi Group’s Zuku fibre internet, has, in many occasion, been subject to online jabs especially by the unforgiving Twitter users in Kenya. Frankly, the...
zuku gives out private data without hesitation

Kenyan ISP Zuku will Give out Your Private Data Without Hesitation

Sharing account details on Twitter is not safe, as shown by a Twitter user with an experience with Zuku customer care

Kenya: Zuku Employees Allegedly Stealing Internet From the Company

Zuku is a company that has taken a lot of heat, especially in relation to their internet service offering. Scouting through Zuku's official accounts...

Zuku Fibre Launches in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania as “Zuku Fire”

As of Q1 2015, Zuku had a market share of 46.8 percent in the fixed-internet market in Kenya. Fast forward to today and most Kenyans...

Zuku Aims to End Woes with Speed and Price Increase

Zuku has announced that it will be making changes to the pricing of its monthly subscription fees for pay TV, telephone and internet. The rates...
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The Ripple Effect of Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi in Kenya

“I cannot comment on that but if Kenya is a good fit, we shall definitely consider offering to launch it here” - Ime Archibong, Facebook’s...

Competition Authority of Kenya wants Multichoice’s DSTV to resell its English Premier League to Rivals

pay televesion providers compete on the basis of developing their own independent content or purchasing rights to content.

KRA hits Zuku’s Parent Company Wananchi Group with a Kshs. 3.4 Billion Tax Claim

The Kenya Revenue Authority is demanding Kshs. 3.4 Billion from Zuku's parent company Wanachi Group. The tax demand originates from Wananchi subsidiaries Wananchi Group Holdings...

Wananchi Group’s Zuku Hires Former Safaricom Executive as CFO

Wananchi's Zuku has announced key appointments to its top management in a bid to improve productivity and efficiency in service delivery. The new appointments...
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Zuku raises Prices of Fiber Package says Internet Speeds will increase by 50%

Zuku, a product of Wananchi group is one of the pioneers in Kenya for the triple play service that ventured into providing three services;...
Zuku and Netflix versus DSTV

Choosing between Zuku and Netflix versus DSTV: A Detailed Comparison

With Netflix's recent announcement to bring its content to an additional 130 countries globally, including all of Africa, you are probably wondering if you...

Zuku Announces Plans To Buy yuMobile From Airtel [Updated]

Wananchi group, one of Kenya's ISPs trading under the name Zuku has announced plans to purchase yuMobile from Airtel. The ISP says it has...
My Zuku Fiber Story

Can A Company Change Brand Perception? Zuku Thinks So

Zuku, a product by Wananchi group is one of the pioneers in Kenya for the triple play service that ventured into providing three services;...

Zuku To Drop WIMAX Service, Tells Existing Customers Bye Bye

Wananchi Group, the company that owns the product that is Zuku TV and Internet has been keen on dropping the WIMAX service that was...
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Zuku upgrades Satellite service from NSS 12 to SES 5 in $4.6M investment

PayTV provider Zuku on Tuesday announced an investment of $4.6 million that will be channeled towards improving service delivery. This will go to Satellite...

Zuku announces ambitious mass market business strategy for its triple play offering

Wananchi Group under its flagship brand Zuku has announced an ambitious business strategy for the East African region which will see it focus its...