Zuku Launches ‘Kenya’s Fastest FTTH’ Plan at 500 Mbps


Fibre to the home (FTTH) services are a welcome idea, and companies such as Zuku that entered the market many years ago have expanded their footing in that regard.

Zuku has also had its share of issues regarding connections and a lax customer care experience. It is the only bad thing about the company, but it serves many customers who have no access to replacements, perhaps due to unavailability in some places.

Not to be stopped by customer rumblings on social media platforms, Zuku has reportedly launched another package to augment its offerings.

The new 500 Mbps plan is the fastest FTTH package in the market for KES 22500. Others, such as Safaricom, max out at 30 Mbps.

The 500 Mbps plan is, of course, equipped with three offerings (Triple Play) as is the case with other packages. This means that customers will get internet, digital TV and home telephony (costs KES 2 to all networks).

The 500 Mbps plan is significant. To this end, Zuku is running a promotion that will affect other plans. Specifically, all packages are receiving a speed boost to twice as much in a campaign named Twice the Speed X2.

The Play 10Mbps costs Ksh 2,799, Triple Play 20Mbps goes for Ksh 4,199 and Triple Play 60Mbps is Ksh 5,299. Other high-speed Triple Play packages also available are 100Mbps, 200Mbps.

The company is yet to communicate the price for the 500 Mbps package [it is KES 22500]. However, it will cost substantial amounts, and for a home plan, there is no need to subscribe to such a package that will likely be underutilized. Still, it is a welcome package for those who can afford it.

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