Huawei has no plans to release dual-OS devices

Huawei Logo


Remember the reports making rounds that Huawei would be releasing devices that will run both Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8? Yeah those rumours are as dead as the plans. At least according to what Huawei confirmed to Fierce Wireless.

…most of our products are based on Android OS, at this stage there are no plans to launch a dual-OS smartphone in the near future.

Those are the words of the company in a statement to FW. So there we go. At least for now and the forseeable future, Huawei and pretty much every other big name OEM making Android devices, won’t be making devices that run two mobile operating systems. Earlier reports had quoted Huawei CMO Shao Yang that Huawei will focus on dual-booting both Android and Windows Phone on its upcoming devices so as to arouse market interest in Windows Phone.

Huawei however remains fully committed to the Windows Phone cause with various Windows Phone-running devices said to be in the works even though the company’s primary focus will remain on Android through which it has risen from obscurity and being known just for providing network solutions to being in the top 5 smartphone manufacturers last year and eclipsing traditional players like Nokia.

Though Huawei’s about-turn on its resolution to make dual-OS devices has not been explained, it is not lost on us how Google has been working behind the scenes to dissuade its partners from going ahead with such plans. Asus recently backed out of its earlier plans of releasing a high end device running both Android and Windows while earlier efforts by the likes of Samsung (Ativ Q) have since gone off the radar. There were reports some time last year that Microsoft was in talks with the likes of HTC, Samsung and Huawei to produce dual-OS devices but we are not sure how that went if at all it was true.