Want to feel like you have the Galaxy S5? There’s an app for that


Galaxy S5 and Gear FitSamsung unveiled its latest flagship smartphone at a glitzy Unpacked 5 event in Barcelona Spain on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress and with its global roll-out expected to start in a few days’ time (from the 11th of April), Samsung has been doing a terrific job telling the world what to expect from the device. We’ve seen YouTube videos and the like but what if you wanted the actual Galaxy S5 experience. Well, some will tell you to visit your nearest mobile dealer but what if the S5’s demo units are yet to make their way there? There’s an app.

Samsung has released Galaxy S5 Experience app on the Play Store that lets you have the S5’s feel first hand from whatever device you have. Perhaps that will entice you to part with a good amount for their latest flagship smartphone.

The application will let you interact with and have a feel of the main software features of the Galaxy S5 like the new S Health application and the Download Booster and the camera’s revamped Rich Tone HDR mode. I did not have a pleasant experience with the app since selecting Camera rendered my phone useless until I yanked out the battery and did a cold boot to calm things down. The rest of the app’s tabs like the Gallery and ‘Life’ tabs are functional and give you a sneak peek of how the Galaxy S5’s hardware-centric features like its IP 67 certification work. Unfortunately, the Gear tabs are still being worked on so there’s nothing interesting to see there.

If you have an Android device running Android 4.0 and up and have been considering the Galaxy S5 for your next smartphone purchase or simply out of curiosity the head over to the Google Play Store and have a look.


Samsung has since released an update to the Galaxy S5 Experience app that fixed all the bugs I encountered in the first version.


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