Nokia Confirms New Lumia Smartphone with Teaser for April 2nd

Nokia More Lumia

Nokia More Lumia

Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2014 primed for the 2nd to 4th of April is a Microsoft event, but since Nokia is now virtually under Microsoft as the acquisition is now about to be sealed come end of April, Build is also a Nokia event. This is where developers will get to experience what Microsoft has coming for 2014 in the Windows Phone platform.

This is expected to be the launch day for Windows Phone 8.1 and naturally there will be phones with which to launch the new mobile OS version. And that’s how Nokia fits in. There have been rumours and counter rumours, including some quite solid hints of the new range of Lumia devices from Nokia. These are what we expect Nokia to announce as they tease. More Lumia is the tagline Nokia has chosen to go with for their event.

With it comes a GIF that has suggestions that there will be advancements in the camera software, mapping and many other Nokia and Microsoft services. Nokia is expected to announce the trio of Lumia 930, Lumia 630 and Lumia 530, a near full range of devices spanning low, mid and high end. Can’t wait to see what get’s unwrapped, can you?