Nokia’s Next Flagship Lumia to be Unveiled on April 2nd

Lumia icon

Lumia iconNokia device refresh rate is one of the fastest and Only Samsung rivals that. The Espoo now turned Redmond company is known for releasing several devices a year and covering virtually every segment in device range from the basic dumb phone to the highest end DSLR-rival cameraphones. Now word on the street is that Nokia will be unveiling their next range of devices in the Lumia category of smartphones in slightly over a week.

This date which bloggers had set to be the 19th has come a bit forward to the 2nd of April. This is going to be during the Microsoft Build 2014 Conference that is also slated to be the date that Microsoft launches Windows Phone 8.1. Thus the new devices will come running the newest Windows Phone version, Windows Phone 8.1.

Nokia SVP, smart devices product marketing Hans Henrik Lund hinted at a followup to the Lumia Icon at an interview with him during Mobile World Congress when Nokia launched the Android powered Nokia X range.

“We keep working with these design elements and we just launched this (Lumia Icon) a week ago, so if you think about it we’re going to have something in this area looking forward as well”, said Hans. He did not mention dates on the new device that will have the very fine design of  Lumia Icon but gave an event we can work with.  “I cannot comment about new devices yet to be launched, but I’m looking forward to going to Built in San Francisco on April 2nd.”

Nokia Lumia 930 Built

Devices expected during the second quarter are Lumia 930 code-named Martini which is expected to be the global version of the Verizon exclusive Lumia 929 Icon and Lumia 630 code-named Money-penny which is naturally the follow-up to Lumia 625 in the mid range. There is also talk of the Lumia 530 code-named Rock in the low end showing up. Lumia 520 has played quite a huge part in the growth of Lumia portfolio and is a hero device. It would be interesting to see what comes up as a follow-up

Nokia has resorted to using Android Open Source Project OS to power their entry level smartphones from 2014 to tackle the hiccup that is entry barrier specs for the Windows Phone platform that do not allow Nokia to hit the sub-$170 price point unsubsidized for the Lumia smartphones. We expect the three devices to be quite exciting devices as Nokia and Windows Phone platform have gone quite far to mature as an OS platform.