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Galaxy S 3 Lite

Ten Mobile Devices Retailers Should Not Be Stocking At This Moment

Sometimes we use terms like "phone years" to draw the line between the normal calendar everyone follows and the life cycle of mobile devices....
Lumia 530

Here’s Our Lumia 530 Giveaway Winner

Lumia 530 giveaway from last week has a winner! Nyakwar Nyadenge is our winner for the Lumia 530 after being picked by the randomizer...
Lumia 530

GIVEAWAY! Lumia 530 Up For Grabs

Hot on the heels of us giving away a Coloud Bang portable speaker, we make the deal even sweeter. We are giving away a...
Coloud Bang

We Have A Winner! Coloud Bang Speaker Giveaway

Last week we announced that we will be giving away a Coloud bang speaker to one of our readers. The Coloud bang speaker comes...
Lumia 530 vs Lumia 535

Differences Between Lumia 530 and Microsoft Lumia 535

Microsoft acquired Nokia's mobile division and all that mobile hardware business that came along with it. And that was the journey of a thousand...
Coloud Bang speaker

GIVEAWAY: Get A Coloud Bang Speaker Free!

One of our readers is going to walk away with a spanking new portable speaker courtesy of Microsoft Devices (formerly Nokia). First, we...
Lumia 530

Lumia 530 Review – Microsoft’s Foray Into Budget Windows Phone

Microsoft made a statement by releasing the Lumia 530. This was to be the successor of the Lumia 520, but offered a slightly new...
Kingori Gitahi, Microsoft

Lumia 520 Yet To Be Phased Out As Microsoft Launches Lumia 530 In Kenya

Microsoft finally launched the Lumia 530 in Kenya following the global announcement sometime back and a phased launch in other countries like India. Lumia...
Lumia 530

Microsoft Announces Lumia 530 Priced At £60 For UK In September

Microsoft announced the Lumia 530 a month ago and pricing of the device was top among the key selling points, even with the messaging...
Lumia 530

Microsoft posts video comparing Lumia 530 to other smartphones in its class or close

Microsoft did not shy away from telling us clearly what the main focus of its new Lumia 530 really was: the budget smartphone...
Lumia 530

Microsoft Announces Lumia 530 with Pricing As Key Selling Point

It was coming, the successor to the quite successful Lumia 520. Lumia 530 got announced today, Wednesday by Microsoft and is the fourth device...
Lumia 530 Image

Lumia 530 Shows Up In Leaked Image

Nokia's Lumia 520 was and currently is the best selling Windows Phone and naturally a darling of Nokia. Now that Windows Phone 8.1...
Lumia icon

Nokia’s Next Flagship Lumia to be Unveiled on April 2nd

Nokia device refresh rate is one of the fastest and Only Samsung rivals that. The Espoo now turned Redmond company is known for releasing...