GIVEAWAY: Get A Coloud Bang Speaker Free!

Coloud Bang speaker

One of our readers is going to walk away with a spanking new portable speaker courtesy of Microsoft Devices (formerly Nokia). First, we will start with a brief on what you need to know about the Coloud Bang speaker.

Coloud Bang is a portable mini speaker, triangular in shape. This speaker can be good for your desk in the office or even at the side of the bed for amplifying your playlist on the phone. It’s chargeable via the usual microUSB that you charge your phone with and will play for upto 8 hours. Sound jack is compatible with the usual 3.5mm audio connector. It weighs 144 grams and will offer surround sound when paired with a second or third Coloud bang speaker. It is part of the goodies that are available in the Lumia 530 deal selling at Kshs 11,000 at Orange stores in Kenya.

Coloud is a brand endorsed by Microsoft and they also sell other Coloud speakers as part of the Microsoft accessories. So if you bought Lumia 530 or any other Lumia you could use Coloud as an upgrade to your sound experience on your phone. Remember you can enjoy quite a lot of music as the Lumia 530 will support microSDs of upto 128GB very comfortably. I may also add that you also get 3 months free Skype on any Lumia device bought over the next 3 months.

Now how do you get the free Coloud Speaker?

This will be an easy process. You just need to show us some love in the comments section and tell us something interesting you know about any of the Lumia smartphones available on sale today from Microsoft. Refresher is that the new Lumia devices selling this year are Lumia 930, Lumia 830, Lumia 730, Lumia 630 and Lumia 530. There are others from last year but we will focus on the new ones. Your comment can range from discussing what there is to know about Windows 8.1, what new developments the new phones present in design, camera and software, Office 365, OneDrive storage and anything interesting you know. Some of these details are here in Techweez if you use the search bar at the right of the navigation bar. Also you can use the search engines to your advantage.

Also, not that it’s essential to winning the speaker, but it would do some great good if you shared this article. The giveaway is limited to your ability to pick it from our office on Ngong road, we thought it was important to notify you that we wont be delivering it. We will announce the winner next week on Thursday in a new post. So go on, tell us what you know!