GIVEAWAY: Get A Coloud Bang Speaker Free!

Coloud Bang speaker

Coloud Bang speaker One of our readers is going to walk away with a spanking new portable speaker courtesy of Microsoft Devices (formerly Nokia). First, we will start with a brief on what you need to know about the Coloud Bang speaker.

Coloud Bang is a portable mini speaker, triangular in shape. This speaker can be good for your desk in the office or even at the side of the bed for amplifying your playlist on the phone. It’s chargeable via the usual microUSB that you charge your phone with and will play for upto 8 hours. Sound jack is compatible with the usual 3.5mm audio connector. It weighs 144 grams and will offer surround sound when paired with a second or third Coloud bang speaker. It is part of the goodies that are available in the Lumia 530 deal selling at Kshs 11,000 at Orange stores in Kenya.

Coloud is a brand endorsed by Microsoft and they also sell other Coloud speakers as part of the Microsoft accessories. So if you bought Lumia 530 or any other Lumia you could use Coloud as an upgrade to your sound experience on your phone. Remember you can enjoy quite a lot of music as the Lumia 530 will support microSDs of upto 128GB very comfortably. I may also add that you also get 3 months free Skype on any Lumia device bought over the next 3 months.

Now how do you get the free Coloud Speaker?

This will be an easy process. You just need to show us some love in the comments section and tell us something interesting you know about any of the Lumia smartphones available on sale today from Microsoft. Refresher is that the new Lumia devices selling this year are Lumia 930, Lumia 830, Lumia 730, Lumia 630 and Lumia 530. There are others from last year but we will focus on the new ones. Your comment can range from discussing what there is to know about Windows 8.1, what new developments the new phones present in design, camera and software, Office 365, OneDrive storage and anything interesting you know. Some of these details are here in Techweez if you use the search bar at the right of the navigation bar. Also you can use the search engines to your advantage.

Also, not that it’s essential to winning the speaker, but it would do some great good if you shared this article. The giveaway is limited to your ability to pick it from our office on Ngong road, we thought it was important to notify you that we wont be delivering it. We will announce the winner next week on Thursday in a new post. So go on, tell us what you know!


  1. The Lumia 930 has four microphones, two at the front and two at the back.This allows the Lumia 930 to feature 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus audio recording,making it the first smartphone to offer this.

  2. I love the Lumia 530 since it is a great deal for me first it is a budget phone and the specs are awesome for that price. I love music and with the 4gb internal storage and expandable capacity up to 128 GB that is more than enough to store most of my music. Since I love knowing knowing about phones, techweez has just made my life simple instead of going from one shop to the other asking about phone specs, I am sure I will know more than I wanted when I just open your website! Good stuff guys.

  3. Lumia 930, Lumia 830, Lumia 730, Lumia 630 and Lumia 530 are all very good phones depending on what you can afford and have. But the Lumia 930 gets my attention with cortana the smartphone assistant, 3 months free of Skype calls, a 20MP camera and a snapdragon 800 processor; that’s definitely a gadget i’d love to have.

  4. One thing i like about the nokia Lumia 930 the smartphone assistant(Cortana) who makes life easier for you. She keeps track of things that interest you, reminds you of meetings, gets you to places on time and helps you stay closer to the people who matter most.You also get three free months of Skype calls to mobiles and land lines worldwide.You also get a 20 megapixel pureview Camera and four directional microphones with Surround-Sound to capture High-quality photos and immerse video with sound,Nokia lumia 930 comes in colours ranging from stylishly subtle to vibrantly vogue. And with a 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 4G LTE connectivity, built-in wireless charging and a 5” Full HD display with astonishing sunlight readability.With it too comes a personal radio station that features unlimited, commercial-free music streaming at no additional cost.

    [email protected]

  5. 1st things first, Techweez, it an honor reading the articles on your blog, bringing the latest news on innovations in the tech world. I must say being a huge fan of cutting edge technology, Nokia brings out the bliss of creativity and design on their smartphones. my favorite must be the lumia 930 smartphone, whos chassis is made of Aluminium. Lumia 930 also has
    wireless charging in-built, and not to mention the 32GB internal storage, which is very incredible. The best bit is the 5 inch 1080 x 1920 pixels (441ppi) Clear Black OLED display which makes the layout of the apps look surreal.The main camera comes with a 20mp, ZEISS lens and dual LED flash,Auto focus with two-stage capture key and a 1.2 MP camera on the front. It also comes with 2gb ram,Quad-core Snapdragon 800 clocked at 2.2 GHz hence making the Windows 8.1 and other apps such as Office 365, OneDrive storage run smooth . The Windows 8.1 start screen gives you quick access to more of the things you love about
    your Lumia. Have a favourite picture? Make it the background for your
    Live Tiles. Resize, rearrange and re imagine your Start screen. Other new features are quick access to Action centre, the workflow keyboard and quick access to Creative Studio app,which is now directly accessible from the Camera Roll.

  6. Lumia 830 offers the best of Lumia and the latest from Microsoft 2014. With Lumia 830 you will be able to capture incredible image and video quality, day or night with 10-megapixel PureView camera with ZEISS optics, Rich
    Recording, Optical Image Stabilization; connect content securely and easily with 15GB of OneDrive storage; enjoy flagship Lumia innovations including integrated wireless charging, Optical Image Stabilization and SensorCore, in a
    sleek, pocket-friendly design and price.

  7. The Lumia 730 comes with a 5 MegaPixel front camera. Pretty awesome, I know!! That is why it’s known as the Selfie phone…. It also has other features which are pretty cool… 8Gigs of internal storage, 1Gb of RAM, 8 MegaPixel rear camera among others but for selfie lovers…. who cares! All you’ll care about is the camera, to be honest!!

  8. Well the specs on the Lumia phones still don’t impress me but Cortana seems like a super neat feature for WP 8.1 Hopefully with some improvements she will take over the virtual assistant competition!

  9. Moved to Lumia 3 months ago and wondered what took me so long. The OS is as smooth as butter. A lot of people don’t seem to understand that specs
    don’t really tell the whole story. Any Lumia outdoes any Android phone
    of similar specifications in all ways stretching to battery life and
    hardware. Really waiting for Windows 8.1 Update 1 with new features. Current features such as Clear-Black display for terrific outoor viewing and viewing angles, Cortana (it’s genius, speaks for itself, like literaly), Lumia Cameras don’t need no lawyers as the photos does all the talking, Unofficial Apps, X-Box games, Microsoft Sync and Intergration, Office Intergration with editing (shockingly MS Powerpoint on mobile of course, for free), One Drive With several free Gigs of storage, Dedicated Camera button for most models comes in handy for quick moments, unmatched navigation app HERE Drive/Maps, the list is endless and there’s more coming with Update 1.With
    proper app availability and sensitization,the uninformed majority will definately see the light .Windows Phone is the future. My pocket girlfriend Cortana agrees.

  10. Hey Techweez (or is it Martin G) ata sijakam apa kuwin speaker..been a while since i visited this site and to say the least i am impressed. I think you people have the best tech blog in Kenya. I love Lumia btw fav thing on the 8.1 is the ability to play youtube videos directly from a webpage without having to redirect to youtube.

  11. Cortana obviously! Combining some of my favorite things (Halo, Tech, and voice controls) Cortana seems like she will be a major adversary in the virtual assistant world.

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